16 Things You'll Only Understand If You HATE Talking On The Phone

12 October 2017, 17:06

Phone Anxiety Problems
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith


As Dua Lipa said, "One, don't pick up the phone... like, ever!" People who actually like talking on the phone are in the minority, because it's a proven fact that there is no form of conversation worse than talking on a phone. Seriously. Only those of us that dread phone calls will understand these hellish situations.

1) You've literally ignored nearly EVERY phone call you've ever received.

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2) Calls from your Mum and your Nan are the only exceptions. 

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3) You ignore calls from your friends all the time.

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4) And after they call, you wait an appropriate amount of time before texting back with a solid excuse as to why you didn't answer.

"I'm on a train! What's up!?"

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5) If you're old enough to remember the landline, you'll have fond memories of pretending you're not home when a friend calls.


6) Let's not even get started on calls from unknown numbers.

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7) Your mind is in constant battle about whether you should reject the call or let it ring out.

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8) It's basically either have people knowing you rejected them, or have to deal with a voicemail afterwards.

Both are death sentences tbh.

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9) Your favourite invention is the Silence button. 

If you can't hear it, it's not happening.

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10) There's no way in HELL you would call for a food delivery.

You'd rather starve tbh. 

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11) You've ended up going to work sick once or twice because you couldn't bring yourself to call in. 

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12) The day your parents made you make your own doctor's appointment was the worst day of your life.

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13) You've planned every single phone call you've ever made - right down to the greeting and sign off.

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14) You can't decide what's worse... making a call, or getting a call. 

You have to be alone if you're going to mentally prepare yourself to do either.

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15) The awkwardness of losing signal is the WORST. 

Especially if you're talking to someone you don't know. 

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