16 Things Only People Who Suffered From Extreme Shyness Will Understand

8 March 2016, 16:56 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Growing Up Shy Header
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

The struggle was, and still is, so real.

If you grew up shy, almost 75% of your life will have been a struggle. We've all been there. Here's a massive list of things to remind you of your introverted past - or current situation. 

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1) Family gatherings with anyone other than your immediate family were an absolute nightmare. 

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2) You did absolutely EVERYTHING you could to avoid making or answering a phone call.



3) And even to this day, you’re still hesitant to answer a call. 

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4) You can absolutely forget about calling the Pizza Delivery, tbh. #Meltdown

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5) You were always the last kid on holiday to join the ‘friendship group’ because you were too shy to say hello. 

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6) You absolutely DREADED the idea that you would get called on in class. 



7) And you NEVER raised your hand in class in case the answer was wrong, even though it was 100% right. 

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8) You also tried to avoid any speaking responsibility in any presentation you ever had to make.



9) You never EVER went to the toilet in a restaurant without your mum when you were younger.

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10) And you were totally guilty of whispering your order in the restaurant to an adult and avoiding all eye contact with the waiter. 

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11) Everyone always thought you were the quiet one, when in reality - you were the stand up comedian. 



12) But heaven forbid you're left in a one on one conversation with someone you barely know - aka your friends Mum!!!111!!



13) Pretending you’re on the phone when you see someone in public? Yep, you’re still guilty of that one!

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14) You spent hours and hours thinking about hypothetical conversations so you knew what to say what the situation arose.



15) Your flirting game has been diabolical since day one. 

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16) But the worst thing of all?

The worst thing about growing up shy was having to answer this damn question every. single. time.