9 Essential Things Every Girl Should Know Before She Turns 18

15 September 2016, 17:21 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Très importante

18 is a big number. And turning 18 is a big milestone. You're no longer under your parents' thumb but there is a bunch of junk you're suddenly expected to know. Some of that junk is a waste of time, but some of that junk can actually be useful. Here's some stuff you should try to master before the age of 18. 

1) How to break up with a bad friend

Learning how to break up with a friend is a hard but very important lesson.  Hopefully you don't have to do this too many times through out your adult life, but it's something that takes a lot of emotional maturity. 


2) Basic coding

You don't have to become an expert but knowing how to code on a basic level will give you such a career advantage. You'll be able to do stuff like build your own website and take cool steps toward being your own boss.  


3) How to be in a relationship without ditching your best friends. 

By 18, you should know how to manage your friendships and your relationships. Leaving your best friends high and dry is a dick move that you should know how to navigate by the time you become an adult. 


4) How to cook one meal extremely well

Women in the kitchen jokes aside, everyone should know how to cook at least one thing very well. What should your one thing be? A signature dish that you can whip out in any situation that will impress people and trick them into thinking you're a real live grown up. 

Luckily we've written about easy meals that you should definitely have in your arsenal but, heck. Why not get creative with it?


5) How to travel alone

This one is SO important. Travelling in general can be very stressful but learning how to travel alone is an essential part of growing up.

It's something that involves planning, packing, budgeting, and personal safety. Even if it's just taking the train into the city by yourself. Every one should learn the art of travelling alone. 


6) How to cut your own fringe.

Getting fringe is a big commitment so if you're gonna get them you better know how to maintain them. 


7) How to assemble flat pack furniture.

For when you're broke and need furniture that doesn't cost an entire semester of tuition. 

8) How to get involved with local and national politics 

By 18 you've got the right to vote which is an essential right to exercise for young women. Older men in power decide on issues that affect young women every day (health care, abortion, equal pay) so you better use your voice to make sure you don't play yourself. 


9) How to dress for a job interview

This might sound a bit obvious, but there are so many people who don't know how to dress for a damn job interview. Surprisingly, Cosmo has a great edit for job interview attire. But just a rule of thumb: if you wouldn't wear it in front of your elderly grandmother, it's probably not right for an interview.