10 Agonising Struggles Of Being Hella Broke

16 November 2015, 15:00 | Updated: 19 June 2017, 14:39

Help me I'm poor
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Two broke girls? More like one broke me.

Everyone knows that feeling of being so scandalously broke that your first world tears soak through the moderately priced bedding your parents bought you for University. You're definitely not alone. But what are the other tell-tale signs you're too used to being broke? 

1) For starters, instant noodles and canned beans now qualify as bonafide meals. 

2) And you complain about the price of EVERYTHING.

3) You've definitely gotten to the bottom of your body wash container, added water, and shook it to make it last longer. 

4) You sometimes make up an elaborate excuse about why you can't go out with your friends. 

5) And other times you're just like, "f--k it. I'm poor. I can't go out".

6) When you see your friends with money you're overcome with extreme jealousy.

7) And your parents are always like, "why don't you get a job"?

8) But everywhere wants to pay you in "experience" and your pockets are overflowing with lots of experience and not enough cash-perience.

9) You have basically figured out how to make the $100 your parents loaned you last The Agonising Struggles Of Being Hella Brokefor 6 months just by being cheap as hell.

10) And when you do finally get a little bit of money, you forget everything you learned about being broke and turn into the rich b*tch you were born to be.