15 Things Only People Who Are Thirsty For The Tea Will Understand

1 December 2015, 11:38 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

The shade of it all...

You know the feeling. It's been a long day and you're just gagging for the tea. We've all been there. Is there anything sweeter in this world than putting your feet up and sipping a piping hot mug of Twitter's freshly brewed? The answer is no. This one goes out to our shady ladies, may the tea be ever in your favour.

1) You’ve mastered this face. 

It's the face of someone who knows about some delicious freshly brewed tea.

2) You’ve got that side eye DOWN.

Because with great tea comes great responsibilishade. 

3) You’ve perfected the art of eavesdropping.

It's how all profession tea drinkers go about their business.

4) Your tactics of finding new information know no bounds...

5) ... like always leaving your headphones in without any music playing...

6) ... and knowing that the BEST place to find freshly brewed tea after an online beef is by looking to the faves...

7) ... And your camera roll is definitely full of screen caps.

8) Sometimes you organise after work drinks just so you can catch up on a week’s worth of tea.

Gotta get your hands on that Earl Grey goodness.

9) You've probably contacted an old friend before just because you know they’ve got tea to spill on an ex.

They'll be so blinded by your ACTUAL tea making skills that they'll never see your ulterior motives. 

10) You take mental notes when two people are talking privately - like you’re in a math class.

Sneaky tea is your favourite flavour, isn't it?

11) You can hear the tea being spilled from a mile away. It's like you've got some kind of tea radar.

Better drink up - we gotta get to the scene of the crime! 

12) When someone tries to tell you some new tea, but you’ve already heard it...

13) ... But then they let slip a few new details and you decide to settle in for the night.

*pulls out personalised spoon and starts stirring like life depended on it*

14) You never reveal your tea until it’s ready to be SPILLED.

Gather, gather, gather... POOUUUUR.

15) When someone dares to offer you coffee... PLEAAAASE HONEY!