19 Tweets About Valentine's Day That Are Way Too F**king Real For Single People

Roll Deep Meme

"Don't let Valentine's Day distract you from the fact that it's Taco Tuesday"

For a day which is supposed to be about couples coming together *ahem*, Valentine's Day is also very good for single people gathering on the internet to take the piss out of their relationship status. If you can't laugh about it then etc. etc.

Sure, seeing couples spoil each other rotten is a bitter pill to swallow. But it's almost certainly helped down with pure fire tweets like these. 


1. Like those by people who are convinced that it's not too late to find a date.


2. The people that help to put it in context for you.


3. The people with very unfortunate luck.


4. The people who make you say 'same'.


5. This lady.


6. The people who make you snort tea out through your nose.


7. Lana del Rey, everybody...


8. The people keeping it real.


9. Couple goals.


10. For all the dog lovers.


11. The people who still like Valentine's cookies but would rather avoid the whole 'emotions' thing.


12. The Glasgow North Polices being all cute and cuddly!


13. Us trying to write a poem.


14. For those of us who have things other than love on our minds.




16. Look we've all had a few don't bring Pancake Day into this, ALRIGHT!?!


17. Ha!


18. *chocolate bar falls out of mouth*


19. You.