15 Things You'll Only Know If You're The Youngest In Your Squad

21 June 2016, 17:09 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Melanie Martinez Youngest Baby
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Literally NO ONE ever takes you seriously...

Being the youngest in your friendship group can have its highs and extreme lows. But if you're the youngest in your CLASS? That's a whole different ball game. Either way... they both kinda suck. Sorry about it.

1) First of all... literally NO ONE takes you seriously.

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"Shhh, you're too young to know about life!", say the squad elders as they smoke on their pipes in their tweed flat caps.

2) If you're under 18, you're always left out of the 'Night Out' group chats.

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Because there's no WAY you'll be able to get into this exclusive club night! 

3) You never experienced a more risky or stressful event in your life than when you tried to secure a fake ID so you can get into that once in a lifetime gig.

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Strictly Over 21s Only?! Not today, Satan!

4) Basically, if you're still too young to drink, you're made the designated driver by default.

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Totally ageist if you ask us...

5) But wait... because you were the youngest, it probably meant that you were the last to learn how to drive too!

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Oh, the months of pain and suffering at the hands of not being allowed to drive without supervision. 

6) You and your baby face probably got ID'd for the cinema once, right?

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"Farewell, older friends! Please enjoy that 18 certificate film without me..." :(

7) You've never celebrated your birthday during school time because you're a summer baby.

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If you were born in July or August... we're so so sorry for everything you've missed out on.

8) Being the youngest in your class at school meant that no one actually even REMEMBERED your birthday.

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Your birthday may as well not actually exist.

9) And no one ever came to your birthday parties because they're always during the summer holidays. 

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It was always just you and your fellow August birthday buddies.

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10) You're lowkey always made fun of for being the baby of the group. 

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The squad is basically just like a big ol' bunch of older siblings that are forever roasting you but then again, you know they're always watching out for you too.

11) But hey, at least there was always a spot in the Spice Girls tribute band for you. 'Cause ur tha Baby!

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Silver linings, everybody!

12) Even though you're the youngest in the group, you somehow always end up being everyone's 'Mum'. 

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"Text me when you get home!"

13) You've probably been turned down by potential BAEs because you're the youngest.

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How rude!

14) You're the go-to person for anyone who is having iPhone or tech issues within the group.

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You're the youngest so you know these things, OBVIOUSLY.

15) And the most annoying thing about being the youngest in your friendship group is that your friends NEVER LET YOU FORGET IT!

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