Alex's account has since been deleted.

#HisNameIsAlex trends on TikTok after a mother humiliated her trans son in shocking video

Is there a new zodiac sign? Ophiuchus explained

People think their star signs have changed and everyone is losing it

Instagram are banning accounts that promote LGBTQ+ conversion therapy

Instagram to ban accounts promoting LGBTQ+ conversion therapy

Elijah McClain

Petition demanding justice for Elijah McClain reaches 2.5 million signatures

Black Trans Lives Matter Protest London This Weekend

Black Trans Lives Matter march this weekend in London: here's everything you need to know

Research has found that Black Lives Matter protests have no link to a rise in coronavirus cases.

Black Lives Matter protests haven't led to a spike in coronavirus according to research

Oluwatoyin Salau Twitter

#JusticeForToyin starts trending after death of activist Oluwatoyin "Toyin" Salau

The #VogueChallenge is trending on Twitter and TikTok.

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Black Lives Matter

People are boycotting Starbucks after they ban staff from wearing BLM attire

Russian influencer Kris Schatzel has been called out for posing at the protest then leaving.

Influencer Kris Schatzel called out for staging Black Lives Matter photos and her response is even worse