'Cards Against Humanity' Removed From Stores Over Anti-Jewish Jokes

29 December 2017, 10:32

Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Humanity. Picture: Press, Twitter @mlonpolitics

By James Wilson-Taylor

Target have apologised to customers after phrases from the game spread on Twitter.

US megastore Target has pulled a line of Cards Against Humanity packs after complaints of antisemitic humour.

THR reports that the 'Chosen People Pack' version of the popular dark humour game have been removed from stores following complaints on Twitter over phrases like "Can't you see, the Jews are behind everything — the banks, the media, even _____!" and "Torturing Jews until they say they aren't Jews anymore."

Target replied to a Twitter user, stating that "We are aware of this extended card pack of the game Cards Against Humanity and are in the process of removing it from our stores. We apologize for any disappointment as it is never our intention to offend our guests with the products we carry."

Cards Against Humanity are yet to comment on the removal of the packs from stores. The incredibly popular "party game for horrible people" launched in 2011 and the company have been regularly praised for using their platform to support good causes including funding a recent Science Ambassador Scholarship for female students.

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