There's An Actual Job Where You’re Paid To Eat Chicken Nuggets

17 January 2018, 12:59

Chicken Nugget Connoisseur Job
Picture: Getty Creative / NBC

By Katie Louise Smith

Chicken Nuggets is like my family.

CV's and LinkedIn profiles at the ready, people because B&M, a supermarket in the UK, has just posted a vacancy for your DREAM job... Drop the degrees, forget about those exams and qualifications you've been working hard toward your entire life. This is it. This is your moment.

The role of 'Chicken Nugget Connoisseur' has just become available where you will get paid to literally taste test a bunch of chicken nuggets. Yes, this is real. No, we're not lying. Of course you get paid in chicken nuggets. Welcome to 2018, baby!


The job description reads: "Next month we’ll be launching a brand new fresh and frozen food range in a selection of our stores nationwide. To help us ensure that the range is the best in the country we’re offering one lucky person the chance to taste test some of our range."

If you're interested, here's where you can apply. No degree or qualifications required, just some good old fashioned personal skills.

Ambition: Getting the 20 share box of nuggets from McDonalds and keeping them all for yourself.

Ability to prioritise: Being the first in the office kitchen whenever someone says there’s cake.

Selflessness: That time you tripped and fell at a buffet and saved the plate before yourself.

Resourcefulness: Going to an event or party because there is free food.

High moral standards: You value the importance of a fish finger sandwich in life.

Working knowledge of Keynote or Microsoft Powerpoint is a plus: You can conduct a power point presentation on the reasoning behind curly fries being nicer than chips.

As far as we can see, this is a REAL job application, so if you're based in Merseyside (sorry gang, it's UK only...) and you know your way around a chicken nugget, then all you've gotta do is upload a paragraph detailing the relevant experiences you have and BAM - you've got yourself a job and a handful of vouchers to spend in store.

Vegetarians need not apply. May the nugget force be with you.