The Most Returned Christmas Gift Has Been Revealed And We Bet You Got One

27 December 2017, 13:00

Christmas Gift Return
Picture: Pexels/NBC

By Katie Louise Smith

You've been keeping receipts all year but have you been keeping... RECEIPTS?!

Every single Christmas we all end up with several gifts from extended family members (or lazy siblings) that we reaaaaaally don't want. In fact, nothing says 'Christmas' like a generic gift that is completely irrelevant to your personality or interests. BUT IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS, ISN'T IT?

Anyway, according to research from GiftNow, the most unwanted Christmas gift of them all has been revealed and we bet you've been given SEVERAL of them in your life time.


The most exchanged Christmas gifts amongst men and women were sweaters, shirts and athletic apparel which actually makes sense because people can pick up the wrong sizes. We mean, it's not your great-aunt's fault she picked up a sweater three sizes too small, she hasn't seen you since you were *this* tall after all.

Other items that your ungrateful family members want to return in exchange for money or store credit? Chocolates (who returns chocolates??!) and toddler clothes.

Wallets, ties, jewellery, watches and skin care products were all safe bets for a failsafe Christmas gift, meaning everyone kept them.

A whopping 54% of all Christmas gifts are either returned or altered, with men, surprisingly, dominating that percentage. Like, honestly, how ungrateful are you lot?

Do you actually exchange your gifts? Or do you throw it in your wardrobe, discover it three years later and suddenly wonder how you had been living without it this whole time?