Guys Are Using 'Penis Stickers' Instead Of Condoms And You Should Definitely Avoid Them

9 August 2017, 15:25 | Updated: 19 November 2018, 14:59

Jiftip Advert
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Experts are warning against penis stickers and it's easy to see why.

This year we've already heard about the alarming trend of teens using the 'pull out' method as a form of contraceptive. And now there is a new product on sale which is being touted as a contraceptive despite not being approved for STIs or pregnancy prevention purposes, and could even be physically harmful to men.

The Jiftip is being marketed as an 'adhesive flexible sticker covering just the urethra for the containment of urine and semen'. Basically it's a piece of sellotape to seal the penis shut and it sounds...not reliable at all. Watch the harrowing instruction video below.

The stickers are sold in three-packs for $6 (£4.54) and were designed to replace condoms as a more "convenient" and "less intrusive" way to cover the penis. The top layer is said to be made out of polyurethane film, and the adhesive layer is used in speciality skin bandages, but with a maximum grip. Their slogan is: "Feel your partner, Feel Freedom, Feel Safe". But health experts are calling BS on that.

Natika Halil, chief executive of sexual health charity the Family Planning Association, told The Sun Online: 'There's no evidence to suggest that this product is safe or effective, and it could potentially be very painful."

For those that don't know, the tip of the penis is a very sensitive area - you certainly don't want to be putting things on it which has the potential to cause ripping, which the Jiftip definitely sounds like it does. In fact, the makers of the product even admit that removing the sticker does cause pain but claim 'you quickly build a tolerance to it'. 


"As the company themselves say, it isn’t approved to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections", says Halil. "So if you want to avoid either of those, we’d recommend avoiding this product as well. It’s quite concerning that the company implies that sex without condoms isn’t ‘real sex’, as condoms are the only form of contraception that can help prevent sexually transmitted infections." 

As reported by The Daily Mail, HIV charity Terrence Higgins Trust also criticised the product's 'feel safe' slogan. Justin Harbottle said, "It's alarming that these products are being marketed with this slogan. You may feel safe using this product, but it needs to be absolutely clear this is not a tool for safe sex. What's more, many STIs, such as syphilis, herpes and HPV, are passed on through skin-to-skin contact, so a product of this nature would never be able to protect against these. At the moment, the only effective tool for preventing STIs is a condom.

So, if anyone suggests using a Jiftip, tell them HELL NO and go grab a condom.