This Teen Went Partially Blind From Her Halloween Costume And It Sounds Terrifying

18 October 2017, 11:39

Teenagers Zombie Halloween Costume
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Be careful, folks.

This Halloween costume story is horrifying, and not in the way that we'd hoped.

A 17-year-old girl from Michigan was left partially blind in one eye after wearing a pair of costume contacts and might need surgery to repair the damage.

As reported by WXYZ News, Leah Carpenter had been planning her costume and decided to buy a pair of coloured contact lenses off the internet. Many of her friends had also bought creepy contact lenses too, as they'd decided to dress up as zombies together. But a day after trying on the lenses, Leah started to experience pain in her eye.

“Her eye was really swollen and red and I asked her if she had pink eye or something,” said her mother, Dawn Carpenter. Turns out, the contact lense had ripped out a top layer of her cornea.

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“I’m devastated,” said Dawn Carpenter. “It happened in late September and we have been going to the opthamologist everyday.”

“I missed out on homecoming. My school work is really behind,” said Leah Carpenter. “My vision is not going to be 100%. I have a long road. I wish I never did it, to be honest." 

Police are looking into where Leah bought the lenses and have warned people about the dangers of using coloured contacts.  You should certainly be careful putting anything near your eyes, let alone in them! Make sure you choose wisely before putting any contacts on. Or, y'know, rock some creepy eyeliner and shadow and void the risk entirely.