7 Halloween Snack Foods Ranked From Trick To Treat

29 September 2016, 15:07 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

halloween snacks
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Does anyone actually like the taste of Candy Corn?

What's your favourite thing about Halloween? Getting dressed up (which member of Suicide Squad have you picked)? Trick or treating (toilet roll at the ready for prime tree decoration)? Watching scary movies (well, Hocus Pocus)?

Or is it devouring the multitude of insane-looking Halloween-themed foods on offer for one month only? 


Yes, whether you want sweet or savoury, we've got a spooky snack with your name on it in all manner of artificial colours and creepy AF packaging.

So, let's take a look at some of the weirdest foods released this year and decided which ones are a treat and which are just a straight up trick...

1) Vampire Doritos


Available in Japan, these are "black garlic" flavour, making them perfect for warding off any potential blood suckers. However, the black shade on these chips does make them look more like pieces of tarmac than anything actually appetising. Or bat wings maybe - at least that's on theme.

Verdict: Treat. Just don't look too closely at them.


2) Oreos


Not to be confused with the much more disgusting Pumpkin flavoured Oreos available throughout Autumn, these are basically just regular Oreos but with some orange dye in the cream. You can't go wrong with that really can ya?

Verdict: Treat anytime of year yo!


3) M&M's BOO-terscotch


See what they did there? They replaced the "Bu" with "Boo". Because ghosts. And halloween. Or something. Anyway, butterscotch is disgusting so please god just leave M&M's alone.

Verdict: Get these as far away from me as possible!


4) Oreos Candy Corn Sandwich


"Artificially flavoured". No sh*t Sherlock! Seriously though, what is people's obsessions with candy corns? You wouldn't eat these tasteless gums any other time of year so why put yourself through it all October? Enough!

Verdict: HARD PASS!


5) Brach's Brunch-flavoured Candy Corn


Please tell me this is a joke.

Verdict: Call me when you've made a "Bottomless Mimosa" flavour.


6) Halloween Whopper

Burger King

This one is actually from 2015, removed from shelves this year after people discovered it turned their poop green. Still, what's spookier than green poop? 

Verdict: Pretty on brand if you ask us.


7) Halloween Fries


Only available in Japan, that lovely looking drizzle across the fries is actually chocolate and pumpkin sauce. McDonald's - why are you like this? 

Verdict: Even the Hamburgler wouldn't try to steal these!


Any more you wanna share? Let us know below.