This Depression Sufferer's Bedroom Clean-Up Has Gone Viral And It’s Super Inspiring

6 September 2016, 16:00 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Imgur Depression Bedroom
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Bedroom goals.

While there is a lot of discussion today about mental health, what you don't often see are the physical realities of battling depression.

Well, one Imgur user decided to post a before and after photos of his room to show how having depression affects his life. This is what his room looked like before:

Imgur Untidy Bedroom Image

"I suffer from severe depression", he says on the Imgur post, that has had over 300,000 views so far, "and have a really hard time with cleaning and doing other kinds of household work. My room have been this messy for several months because i cant push myself to take care of it. But this Friday i decided to finally do it!"


As you can see from the photo above, the room wasn't in the best shape. But three days later and it's almost unrecognisable. 

Tidy bedroom imgur image

"You can finally see that i have a floor! Say hi to my teddy Nalle on the bed! I know its not a big victory, but for me it means the world to just be able to have my door open if people come over. I feel so at peace right now, just wanted to share with all of you wonderful imgurians! Me 1 - Depression 0!"


As a BBC News article about the post notes, while some comments have been encouraging and supportive, not all the responses to have been so positive. 

imgur comments on depression bedroom image


Aside from the feelings of sadness and hopelessness that occur when experiencing depression, there can be physical symptoms too such as feeling constantly tired, sleeping badly or sleeping for long periods of time. This is wrongly attributed to laziness when in fact it's a very real problem for people with depression.

Overall the response was pretty positive, with many sharing their own stories about living with depression.

imgur comments on depression bedroom image


It's great to see someone share their positive experiences to inspire others. Now, where did I put my hoover...