KJ Apa Has A Secret Album On iTunes And It Actually Sounds Amazing

15 December 2017, 16:47

KJ Album
Picture: Andrew Toth/Getty Images/@kjapa/Instagram

By Katie Louise Smith

His debut album "The Third Room" is available on iTunes right now.

We all been knew that KJ Apa was a gifted musician. While his on-screen alter ego Archie Andrews is a beginner, KJ himself is a pretty damn good guitarist. In fact, you only need to head to his Instagram account to see just how insane he is at shredding a few chords on the guitar.

hahahaha so loose

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But did you know that KJ has an ACTUAL album out on iTunes? That you can actually buy? And listen to through your actual headphones? Well... now you do!

KJ Apa Album
Picture: KJ Apa

The album, which dropped in July 2011 (waaaaaaaaaaaay before his Riverdale days) and was written by a 14-year-old KJ, is called "The Third Room" and is nine tracks long. It's described on iTunes as "modern free-flowing fusion-rock beats with a hint of Latin rock in some tracks.” Oooh, fancy.

But just when you thought you were gonna get to hear some of those sweet Archiekins vocals, you thought wrong. The album is instrumental only, which means it's just him and his guitar.

He kept that one quiet, didn't he? Looks like that secret musical collab with Shawn Mendes isn't too far out of the question then... Interesting. Very Interesting.