Watch Kristen Bell NAIL Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of Your Depression

9 May 2016, 17:13 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Kristen Bell
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

No matter what, there's always someone who knows how you're feeling.

Kristen Bell aka TV's very own Veronica Mars, Disney's very own Princess Anna and the world's biggest Sloth lover, just made a pretty admirable admission about her anxiety and depression.

And she wants you to know that there's absolutely NO SHAME in dealing with it in whatever way you want. 


In an interview with Off Camera, Kristen opened up about her struggle with mental health and spoke candidly about her own experiences. 



In the video, she speaks about the struggles she faced with her own popularity in school - an issue that many young people in today's society can relate to on a very high level.

Off Camera / via

She goes on to explain how she felt she was losing herself, and how her mother helped her understand what was happening to her.

If you start to feel like you are twisting things around you, and you feel like there is no sunlight around you and you are paralysed with fear, this is what it is.

Kristen Bell

She also drove home the point that, no matter what, there's no shame in asking for help and there's no shame in dealing with it on your own terms.

If you do decide to go on a prescription to help yourself, understand that the world wants to shame you for that, but in the medical community, you would never deny a diabetic his insulin. Ever.

Kristen Bell

Kristen's honest interview will no doubt help hundreds of people feeling the same way. She isn't the first celebrity to openly speak about her struggle with anxiety and depression and she certainly won't be the last. 

But speaking in such a candid way is exactly what young people should be seeing more of. Despite the stigma surrounding mental health, there's always someone willing to listen and there's always someone who knows what you're feeling. 

Shout out to Kristen for speaking to publicly about her experiences! You go, gurl!