WTF? These Teenage Girls Just Got Banned From A Flight For Wearing Leggings

27 March 2017, 10:38 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

united airlines leggings
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

United Airlines have come into some serious criticism on social media for their dress code policy.

United Airlines have defended their dress code policy after banning several girls from a flight for the clearly terrible crime of, um, wearing leggings.


Yes, really.

Two teenagers and a ten year old girl were waiting to board a flight from Denver to Minneapolis but were turned away at the gate for failing to follow the airline's dress code. The younger girl was able to change into a dress and board the plane with her parents, including her father who was wearing a pair of shorts but never questioned. Meanwhile, the other two passengers were denied entry and had to wait for a later flight.

News of the incident quickly spread across social media after a fellow passenger took to Twitter to show her anger.


However, despite widespread outrage, United remained defiant, standing behind the decision of their gate agent.

Turns out the family in question were "pass travellers", a company benefit for United employees that allows them to travel for free as standby passengers. "Pass" travellers are therefore treated as company representatives and expected to adhere to the stricter dress code that includes no "Lycra and spandex leggings, tattered or ripped jeans, midriff shirts, flip-flops or any article of clothing that shows their undergarments".

So yes, ok, technically they broke the rules here - but are we really going to start telling 10 year olds in leggings to feel ashamed and embarrassed about that? Seems pretty extreme right? It's just leggings.

The debate continued to escalate on social media throughout the weekend:




But there were also those defending the company as the dress code, right or wrong, has clearly been in place for a while:




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