McDonald's Is Changing The Happy Meal And You Are Gonna Hate It

16 February 2018, 10:56

Happy Meal
Happy Meal. Picture: KAREN BLEIER / Staff

By James Wilson-Taylor

The fast food chain announced some major changes recently to the choices available in your kid's favourite box.

In news nobody wanted, fast food giants McDonald's have announced some major new changes to their famous Happy Meals. And people are really not here for it.

In line with the company's push towards encouraging healthy eating, Happy Meals in the US will now feature smaller portions of fries and will see the removal of chocolate milk and, most horrifyingly of all, cheeseburgers.

Yep, that's right - no more cheeseburgers in your Happy Meal. What is the point of anything anymore?

Funnily enough, the news was not exactly met with enthusiasm:

Yep, our thoughts exactly.

Look McDonald's, we admire your commitment to reducing the levels of sodium and fat in our diets but come on - give the people what they want!

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