This woman uses her own period blood as a face mask

17 June 2019, 17:25

Period blood mask and Jasmine Masters 'And I oop'
Period blood mask and Jasmine Masters 'And I oop'. Picture: Instagram:@rosiemoons/ YouTube: Jasmine Masters
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Apparently the bloody face masks help to treat breakouts and give you glowing skin…

In a world where we're constantly being told to reuse and recycle, Gabrielle Schlegel is taking it to the rather extreme end of the spectrum. The Canadian artist has started putting her monthly cycle to good use by smearing her menstrual blood on her… face.

Like a lot of women, when Gabrielle was 13 she started her period. However, she was too scared to tell her mother and by the time she started having sex in her teens, she began to hate getting her period every month.

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However, in October 2014, Gabrielle discovered that periods have their positives. She had just fallen into the world of spirituality and yoga, and after seeing a woman on Instagram using her menstrual blood to paint, she thought it was a great idea to start collecting her blood in a menstrual cup too.

How it went from being used for paintings to part of her skincare regime, we don't really know, but apparently the face masks help to treat breakouts and leave her with glowing skin.

"Not only does it leave my skin absolutely glowing, in my experience, it actively works in treating breakouts, as there are stem cells and many nutrients that are meant to help grow a baby if pregnant and the uterine lining were not to shed," Gabrielle told Metro.

Blood can actually be good for my skin and celebrities like Kim Kardashian are fans of the "Vampire Facial", which separates the platelet-rich plasma from your own blood, before it's injected back into the skin and give it a boost. However, there is no actual scientific evidence or research to prove that slapping period blood on your face has any benefit at all.

Anyway, now Gabrielle sees her period as a chance to give herself a monthly pampering session and better yet, it's free and completely natural. She's even started sharing pics of her bloody masks on Instagram in a bid to break down the stigma associated with menstruation.

She added: "I want to help others feel good about it as well. Because our lives have become so visually orientated with the influence of social media and I am continually inspired by those sharing their truths online, I knew it would be the perfect tool to reach many people at once with my message.

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Imma sweet Flow~er today. First day of bleeding of this new sun cycle. 🥀 Ahhhh, feeling so blessed to bleed sacred blood ~ it always feels like coming home to me after a #moonth of ups & downs. A grounding. I'm taking this time to take utmost care of my Being with rest, journaling, light stretching, drinking heaps of water, meditating, introspecting, & sleeping when my body needs it. Plus, whatever else makes me feel close to the Goddess within me. Self care is so sacred. I am grateful for this time to slow down & honour my beautiful body as it deserves. As women, we tend to have much less physical energy while on our Moon, suggesting the need for our bodies to rest ~ the perfect time to dive into ourselves & introspect. I'm feeling mega vibes of surrender & release within myself. 🤗 Making way for a new cycle to begin. 💫 Thank you, thank you, thank you for the experience of this magic. This is a photo of a #yonipainting from last moonths Moontime called 'Divine Fusion' ~ there's a link in my bio to a time lapse of me painting it if you'd like to check it out. Take care, Sweet Flow~er! ✨

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"Seeing myself in the mirror, with my blood smeared all over my face, really allowed me to realise that there is absolutely nothing disgusting or wrong about menstrual blood. In fact, it is completely harmless, manifesting without a wound to the body of any kind.

"If anything, it is the most sacred fluid the human body is capable of secreting. The literal shedding of the uterine lining that was preparing to grow a human body, should a fertilised egg have been implanted. It has been a whole other level of embracing my period."

No-one should feel shame or disgust about a little menstrual blood and if it's not hurting anyone, or yourself then hey why not! Smear away.


But, um, yeah it's a no from me – I'll probably stick to clay or charcoal.