This College Student Took Down Her Shady Roommate In The Most Savage Way Possible

29 September 2016, 12:32 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

A real American hero.

They say the best revenge is living well. But I've gotta disagree. I'd say that the best revenge is exposing your enemy as a snake for all the world to see. 

You can't get along with everybody, even if you're forced to share close quarters with them. Just ask Pennsylvania State student, Jessica Taylor, whose recent falling out with her roommate has the internet absolutely caught up in the drama. 

It all started with Jessica's roommate, Nikki. Just two weeks after moving into the same room at Pen State, Nikki began tweeting shady things about Jessica. The tweets were about things like Jessica's whooping cough and how much she hated her and couldn't wait to have a different roommate. 

Yeah, not cool.

When Jessica found the tweets, she decided to have a sense of humor about it and post screen shots of the tweets up in their dorm. 

Things obviously deteriorated from there and Jessica is now in an all-out war with her roommate.

Naturally, people are taking sides in the Great Roommate Drama of 2016.

But, from the looks of it, more people are supporting the protagonist of this dramatic showdown.

Remember, kids. The internet isn't a secret diary. Don't play yourself.