This Teenage Boy Is Seeking Advice For Asking Out A Trans Girl And It's So Damn Pure

26 January 2018, 17:25 | Updated: 19 November 2018, 14:17

Reddit Teenager Dating Advice Trans Girl
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Since his post went viral, thousands are sending their advice and support.

Normally we would advise against relationship advice from strangers on Reddit (or any social media for that matter) but perhaps we should reconsider after the heartwarming response a teenager received after he posted about a trans girl he wants to date. 

Reddit user Azure-Skies-123 took to r/relationships to ask for help. "There is a trans girl [17 F] in my [17 M] school that I can't get out of my mind," he wrote. "I have a massive crush on her but I'm also afraid of social suicide if I ask her out."

The original post has been deleted but screen shots of the original post have been widely circulated, and people are responding with lots of encouraging messages of support for him and his crush.

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Transphobia is still a very big problem in most societies and the internet is no different, so you might have expected a lot of trolling and hate in the comments below. Yet, thousands rallied around in support of the teenager.








We think this comment on the original thread sums it up the most.

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People are desperate to find out what happens next...






We hope it works out for them both. The world needs a good news story, god damnit.