This Teen Played Played The Greatest Eyebrow Prank Of All Time On Her Unsuspecting Boyfriend

16 November 2016, 14:00 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Eyebrow prank
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Please try this at home.

Every beauty obsessed person knows that eyebrows are the true windows to your soul. If you mess with your eyebrows, you're messing with your whole face. (Sidebar: I knew a kid in high school who lost a bet and shaved off both eyebrows and, I swear to God, he looked like a baby alien). 

As it turns out, eyebrows matter to dudes as well. Just ask 17-year-old Anthony Rabago, who probably had the shock of a lifetime when his girlfriend texted him that she had shaved her brows. 

Lizette Galvan, like, most makeup fans, enjoys a good YouTube tutorial.

She was watching a Yoda makeup tutorial (because, why not?) when she got the wonderfully dubious idea to fool her boo, Anthony.

via Twitter/@galvanlizette13


Of course, he didn't believe her and thought it was edited. So she doubled down and sent him a video of both eyebrows gone in Snapchat.

via Twitter/@galvanlizette13


via Twitter/@galvanlizette13

To really drive the point home, Lizette sent Anthony the eyebrow emergency of a lifetime.

via Twitter/@galvanlizette13

Lizette told Buzzfeed that she used "an eyebrow brush, three coats of glue stick, unlimited coats of loose translucent setting powder, a makeup sponge, two coats of orange concealer, and two coats of full-coverage foundation."

SIS. This is the prank of the century.

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