White women are being exposed for 'posing' as mixed race and the internet is pissed

9 November 2018, 17:35

Mika Francis and Emma Hallberg on Instagram
Mika Francis and Emma Hallberg on Instagram. Picture: Instagram/@mikafrancis/@eemmahallberg
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

What in the Racheal Dolezal is going on here?

There's a Twitter thread doing the rounds of white women posing as mixed race or Black women and it's W-I-L-D. Everyone from Ariana Grande to The Kardashians love their fake bakes but this is next level. From enlarging their lips to changing their hair texture, these women have rendered themselves unrecognisable.

This is why blackface for Halloween is racist

Someone called out the Instagram models for capitalising on desirable black features but ignoring the struggles they face. There's even a name for it – blackfishing. One in particular, Emma Hallberg, revealed she was actually white but a lot of her followers believed she was a person of colour. Whew, the messiness.

Is it blackface, brownface or just a bronzed glow? Who the hell knows – but people on the internet are mad.

Emma explained all on her Instagram story and insisted her more tanned photos were taken in summer...

Emma Hallberg explained everything in an Instagram story
Emma Hallberg explained everything in an Instagram story. Picture: Instagram/@eemmahallberg

She can't help her genetic makeup, right?!

Emma Hallberg showed off her natural hair
Emma Hallberg showed off her natural hair. Picture: Instagram/@eemmahallberg

Although the women are not claiming to be black, they're still making some serious cash from their "racial ambiguous" looks. And instead of choosing IG models who are actually black or mixed race, brands are choosing white women who look "exotic". Black women are also dismissed and overlooked but picking out their more popular features whilst they're blasted for them is just not right.

Despite the backlash, these IG girls did have people defending them. If these girls are really naturally tanned with curly hair and plump lips, should they be penalised for it?! I mean, it's not their fault.

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