It's Official: Young Women Are Shaving Their Armpits A Lot Less Than They Used To

25 May 2017, 12:34 | Updated: 25 May 2017, 12:44

Miley Cyrus

Let it grow, let it grow...

Shaving is annoying, right? Finding the time and energy for hair removal is literally not the one. And if you feel that way, then you're not the only one as more and more women are giving it up in favour of the au naturel look.

According to a study, as reported by The Telegraph, almost one in four young women have stopped shaving their underarms.

In fact, hair removal has been declining for a few years now. Research by analysts Mintel shows that in 2013, 95% of women aged 16 to 24 said they removed hair from their underarms. In 2016, this had dropped to just 77%. That's a 18% drop in just three years.


And it's not just arm pits. Leg-shaving is also dropping - in 2013, 92% said they shaved their legs. In 2016 that had dropped to 85%.

So why is this happening? Well, it's hard to ignore the amount of famous young women who have unapologetically embraced their body hair and helped to counter societal expectations and gender norms of what women should look like. Miley Cyrus, Paris Jackson, Loures Leon (and her mother, Madonna), Bella Thorne and loads more have embraced body hair on their legs or armpits. 

The study also suggest well-being as a contributing factor. Some products like shaving foam and hair removal cream are perceived by some to be bad for the skin. What better way to avoid that by leaving the hair the hell alone, right?

Are you joining the hairy armpit revolution? #FreeThePits

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