QUIZ: Can you survive going vegan?

3 December 2018, 16:23 | Updated: 3 December 2018, 18:54

Vegetarian broccoli cream soup served in black bowl with cream, fried onion, fresh parsley and broccoli over over gray concrete background/Trisha Paytas slurping a drink
Could you survive going vegan? Picture: Getty/YouTube
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

There's less than a month to go until Christmas and no-one will let us forget it.

Mariah Carey is on full blast and we're being hit with constant images of sizzling turkeys, plump pigs in blankets and crispy roast potatoes cooked in goose fat. But, after a full month of excess comes Veganuary. For a whole month people are choosing to go vegan for a New Year challenge and to detox from the excess of the festive period. You might even be considering if you could actually take the leap. Well, that's where we step in.

Veganism – excluding all forms of food, clothing and living that is cruel to animals – has been spamming our social media for a few years now. You simply cannot talk about it without pissing someone off. But, like Movember (or even No Nut November...), Veganuary is all for charity. It's about inspiring people to try a vegan diet, which they might even continue throughout the rest of the year. The charity uses the money donated to help farm animals, who can be overlooked by animal charities.

So, the meat is out and quinoa, avocados and oat milk are in. Excluding all animal products out of your life may seem unfathomable but what if there was a way to see if it's worth living a (kind of) guilt-free existence. That's where we come in, take this 100% accurate quiz and see if you can survive without meat.