This is how to have safe sex during the coronavirus outbreak

23 March 2020, 14:36

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Is it safe to have sex during the coronavirus pandemic? Let's discuss.

We're all just getting to grips with living life during the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing and self isolation, and we've soon discovered that there's only so many Netflix shows you can watch whilst in isolation.

If you're lucky enough to be locked up with a loved one (must be nice…) then you're probably wondering what that means for your sex life. Like, you've got to find some way to pass the time, right?

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Well, knowing that their citizens are probably yearning for some physical touch, New York City’s health department issued a helpful guide on how to have safe sex during the coronavirus outbreak, and people are actually living for it.

How to have safe sex during the coronavirus outbreak
How to have safe sex during the coronavirus outbreak. Picture: Getty Images

The guide first advises that it's good to know how coronavirus spreads. The virus can be transmitted through salvia, mucus and faeces – but it hasn't been found in semen or vaginal fluid. That means that, sorry, kissing and anilingus or rimming (oral sex in which your sexual partner stimulates the anus with their mouth) is out.

Because we're all trying to keep ourselves to ourselves right now, it's best to not introduce a new sex partner to your life either. The guide says that your safest sexual partner is someone you already live with. We know wearing condoms can help with stopping the spread of sexually transmitted infections, but they'll also reduce your contact with saliva and faeces during oral and anal sex too. And if your partner is unwell, it's probably best to skip sex all together.

If you don't have the luxury of being near your significant other, there's always FaceTime, chat rooms and phone sex. But ultimately, the safest sex you can actually have is with yourself. But, as always, keep those hands clean with soap and water. And your sex toys too, if you use them.

People were living for the frank, inclusive and honest advice.

In conclusion, it doesn't matter where in the world you live. Even if you're not in New York, the guide is incredibly helpful. Remember, wash your hands, masturbation is key and, just maybe, lay off eating ass until this all blows over…

For more information and guidelines on coronavirus, read the NHS advice here.