People are having sex while wearing AirPods and we have some questions

14 June 2019, 16:01

AirPods. Picture: Pexels / Channel 9

By PopBuzz

A fifth of AirPod users wear them during sex, apparently.

It’s been quite the week for sex education. First, we learned all about the ‘eagle sex position’, then we got clued up on ‘fanny flutters’ and now there’s news that real actual human people are having sex while wearing their AirPods.

That’s at least according to a recent survey by TickPick, an online ticket marketplace, which claims that almost one in five AirPod owners wear the devices during sex. The company surveyed 1010 people, all who claim to enjoy listening to music and are sexually active, in order to try and find out what links there were between music and sexual preferences. One of its most newsworthy findings? That 17% of AirPod owners admitted to wearing the headphones during sex.

Now, obviously, any type of safe sex between consenting adults is ok by us, but predictably we’re curious and we have some questions. Mainly, what are you listening to? Like is it an audio book or the new Taylor Swift song? Are both participants wearing AirPods or just one? Or maybe it’s a ‘one AirPod each’ sort of situation, where the both of you listen to your specially curated playlist named ‘AirPod Sexy Time!!!!’, in which case, we say, ‘ok!’ and ‘well done for living your life as your authentic self!’

The survey doesn’t actually answer any of these questions, but it does offer some more insights into other apparent links between music and sex. Just 57% of participants were satisfied with their sex life, according to the survey, with country music fans being the most satisfied at 66.3%. One in four folk fans have, apparently, cried during sex while, meanwhile, EDM fans were the most likely of fans of any genre to report having a sexual fetish.

Obviously, with its relatively small sample size and clear marketing angle, it seems difficult to scientifically verify any of the information claimed in this study. It does however, offer this one justification as to why someone would want to wear AirPods while getting it on in the first place.

“For those who still care for their partner despite musical differences, modern technology may come in handy…” it explains. “The wireless earphones could offer simultaneous enjoyment of wildly different music tastes, although this is just one scenario.”