Madonna Just Did A Beyonce And Released Six New Songs While You Were Asleep

20 December 2014, 12:16 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Madonna Rebel Heart

By Jason Gregory

She's back.

Just days after Madonna described the leak of tracks from her new album as "artistic rape" and told people not to listen her new music, the Queen of Pop (in the 80s) has officially announced her new album Rebel Heart and wants us all to listen to it. Seriously Madge, make your mind up.

In a message to her fans, the singer declared that Christmas was coming early and that anyone who pre-orders the album now will get six songs, including a new collaboration with Nicki Minaj. Obviously the song is called "Bitch I'm Madonna".

Here's one of the songs, "Living For Love", which sort of sounds like Madonna has been spending a lot of time listening to EDM in Las Vegas.

According to Madonna, the song was originally due to be released on Valentine's Day next year.

I was hoping to release my new single "Living For Love" on Valentine’s Day with the rest of the album coming in the Spring. I would prefer my fans to hear completed versions of some of the songs instead of the incomplete tracks that are circulating. Please consider these six songs as an early Christmas gift.


Here's the artwork for Rebel Heart, which will drop with the additional tracks in March 2015.

You can preview Madonna's other new songs on iTunes.

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