Andy Biersack Forced To Move House Due To 'Fan' Harassment

17 November 2017, 12:19

Andy Biersack
Andy Biersack. Picture: Getty, Angela Weiss

By James Wilson-Taylor

The Black Veil Brides singer posted a message to fans on his Twitter feed announcing the move and asking for privacy.

Black Veil Brides lead singer and solo artist Andy Biersack has released a statement to fans after he was forced to move house due to continued harassment.

Andy took to Twitter after his address was seemingly shared online, leading to several unwanted vistors circling his home.

In his message, Andy details an odd encounter with three people in his front yard that resulted in him being followed down the street. While the intruders claimed to just be tourists, he later discovered they were fans who posted regularly about him online.

This is oddly remeniscent of Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie's decision to move earlier this year after a people threw items over his fence and drove around following him and his wife Sarah.

So, while we really shouldn't have to say this, can all the music fandoms out there please remember to always report any social media accounts posting the addresses of your faves. Then, hopefully, these poor bandmembers won't have to keep selling their dreamhouses all the time.