Ashton Irwin slams Billboard after 5SOS lose out on Number 1 due to "chart error"

8 April 2020, 12:44 | Updated: 8 April 2020, 12:54

5SOS’ Ashton Irwin calls out Billboard over Number 1 controversy

By Sam Prance

5 Seconds of Summer's new album CALM debuted at Number 2 after thousands of copies were accidentally shipped early.

5 Seconds of Summer fans have been criticising Billboard for an alleged "chart error" and now Ashton Irwin has joined them.

Last month (Mar 27), 5SOS released their highly-anticipated fourth studio album CALM. The record received positive reviews from fans and critics alike and it topped the charts in the UK and Australia. The new LP also debuted at Number 2 in the US, only 2,000 copies behind The Weeknd's After Hours, however, fans believe it actually sold more than The Weeknd's album.

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Shortly after CALM came out (Mar 30), 5SOS tweeted that due to a shipping error 10,000 copies of the album were sold one week early, and consequently Billboard didn't include them in their first full tracking week of sales. Had they been included, CALM would have landed at Number 1 on the Billboard 200. Now, Ashton is calling out Billboard over their decision.

5SOS star Ashton Irwin calls out Billboard over Number 1 controversy
5SOS star Ashton Irwin calls out Billboard over Number 1 controversy. Picture: Brad Barket/Getty Images for iHeartMedia, @Ashton5SOS via Twitter

Taking to Twitter last night (Apr 7), Ashton tweeted: "I’m apprehensive to share this video, I think I’ve censored myself fairly well, I feel fearful to speak up about the albums that went out early for fear or loosing partnership with media outlets... but here’s some thought’s...", alongside a video in which he speaks about the chart controversy and criticises Billboard.

Ashton says: "Hello everybody, it's me. I just want to say I appreciate you contesting and fighting for our Number 1 record in the US. Records were released a week early that we had no control over, which is very disappointing and quite honestly, my heart broke when I found out about that. We lost 10,000 records, actually more."

He then adds: "This week we're in the Number 2 position. Other artists have had records released early before and the charts have been amended. It seems like that's not going to happen for us. Whether the chart position changes, I am so appreciative for everything you've done for us over the past few weeks."

Ashton ends the video stating: "I love you guys. Keep voicing when things are wrong and I'll try to be as brave as you are."

As it stands, Billboard haven't responded to the backlash. We shall update you if they do.

What do you think? Should 5SOS get their Number 1?