5SOS inspire viral Teeth challenge and the videos are hilarious

30 August 2019, 16:11

By Sam Prance

All of 5 Seconds of Summer (Calum, Luke, Ashton and Michael) have done the Teeth challenge.

5 Seconds of Summer have inspired the viral 'Teeth' challenge with their new single and they've all taken part in it.

5SOS are having a bit of moment right now. After dominating radio in 2018 with their hit single 'Youngblood' and beating Beyoncé and JAY-Z to the top of the charts with their third album, the boys have risen to an entire, new level of superstardom.

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This year, the band have collaborated with The Chainsmokers on 'Who Do You Love', explored brand new musical territory with 'Easier' and led the 13 Reasons Why season 3 soundtrack with their latest single 'Teeth'.

Now, the band have launched a hilarious, viral challenge and it's all thanks to 'Teeth' and its amazing chorus.

5 Seconds of Summer take on viral 'Teeth' challenge and the videos are hilarious
5 Seconds of Summer take on viral 'Teeth' challenge and the videos are hilarious. Picture: Kyusung Gong via Getty Images, @calumhood via Instagram

Any fan of 5SOS will already know the 'Teeth' chorus by heart now. In it, Luke delivers an epic falsetto note and it's honestly one of the standout musical moments of the year so far. Essentially he sings: "teeeeeeeeeeth" as high as possible and we can't get enough it. It's perfect, which naturally means it's also the perfect material for a challenge, and the internet has taken it and run with it.

For the 'Teeth' challenge all you have to do is try to imitate Luke singing "teeeeeeeeeeth" as best as you can. Amazingly, it isn't just fans taking part in the challenge either. Calum, Luke, Ashton and Michael have blessed us with iconic versions of the challenge. Joking about it, Ashton tweeted: "#TEETHChallenge is absolutely huge lol. Wow hello stardom!"

Ashton also went even further, writing: "As a prize for the #TEETHChallenge you can win a signed she looks so perfect cassette tape that you won’t be able to play anywhere ever. You could be the lucky winner!" A true comedian.

In all seriousness though, this challenge is incredible. Please excuse us while we attempt to do it.

Can you do the 'Teeth' challenge?