Alessia Cara shares the “disgusting” abuse that made her quit social media

29 November 2018, 16:21 | Updated: 29 November 2018, 16:26

By Sam Prance

Alessia took a break from Twitter and Instagram ahead of the release of her album 'The Pains of Growing' after being harassed online by trolls and stans...

Alessia Cara is killing it right now. She may only be three years into her career but in that time she has already earned herself multiple hit singles ('Here', 'Scars to Your Beautiful', 'Stay'), won major awards (she earned the Best New Artist award at the 2018 Grammys) and been praised by fellow artists and critics alike (Taylor Swift is a big fan). However, the limelight isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

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Alessia is preparing to release her second studio album, The Pains of Growing, which drops November 30th. So far, The Pains of Growing campaign has received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike but, in spite of all the accolades, Alessia has been harassed by trolls online and it's got to the point where she decided to take a break from social media.

Alessia Cara opens up about troll abuse on Instagram and Twitter
Alessia Cara opens up about troll abuse on Instagram and Twitter. Picture: DPPA/SIPA USA/PA Images

Taking to Instagram stories, the 'Not Today' hitmaker shared screenshots of people tweeting her abuse including "omg your ugly ugly c**t", "fat" and "do you block everybody cause you flop?". She also wrote: "This is the shit I read on a daily basis. For doing nothing. People on the internet are disgusting and I lose hope for the world along with brain cells every time I see it.

Alessia then revealed: "Find me on here only for the next few days because I can't anymore. It's just not worth it." and went on to state: "I'm trying to make my own music and mind my own business. This is why I turn my comments off. This is why so many artists deal with anxiety."

In a final Instagram story, Alessia added: "It's easy to tell someone in the public eye to not pay attention to these kind of things, and it definitely isn't wise to do so, but it's hard not to when it's constantly being spewed at you. And there comes a point where enough feels like enough." She also left her fans with the simple but important message "Just be kind".

Read Alessia's full statements about social media here.

The comments Alessia Cara received on Twitter
The comments Alessia Cara received on Twitter. Picture: Instagram

It goes without saying that this kind of abuse is not on. Alessia may be a superstar but she is still a human being and words are powerful. We must use them wisely and carefully. All of our faves should be able to use social media without the fear of cyber bullying. Some of these taunts may seem like harmless stan comments but they're not.

Soon after sharing the stories, Alessia took to Twitter to state that she is back online because she doesn't want to abandon her fans "during album time". She tweeted that she will "not let this period be tainted by [her] sensitivity toward hits to [her] ego". She then confirmed that she will work to make the internet a "healthier" environment.

Check out Alessia's follow-up tweets below.

We are so grateful that Alessia is back and hope that people refrain from sending her and other popstars abuse in future. In Alessia's words: "Just be kind".