Ariana Grande roasts troll accusing her of using autotune in a video from her tour

2 September 2019, 12:35

By Sam Prance

Ariana Grande posted the video of her singing 'breathin' live on the Sweetener Tour on Instagram.

Ariana Grande has roasted a troll who accused her of using autotune and not singing live on her Sweetener World Tour.

Ever since Ariana Grande first rose to fame, she's been known for her brilliant voice. As a teenager she wowed audiences as Charlotte in 13 the musical on Broadway, she also gained legions of fans with her musical performances as Cat Valentine on Victorious and, since then, she's become one of the most successful popstars on the planet thanks in part to her incredible pipes. Nevertheless, in spite of her obvious talent, people often dismiss Ariana's talent with accusations of autotune.

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Now Ariana has put a troll in their place who suggested that she doesn't sing live on her tours.

Ariana Grande roasts troll accusing her of using autotune and not singing live
Ariana Grande roasts troll accusing her of using autotune and not singing live. Picture: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images, @arianagrande via Instagram

Over the weekend (Aug 31), Ariana shared a video of her effortlessly hitting a difficult Bb5 high note during a performance of 'breathin' on her Sweetener World Tour on Instagram. Reception to the video was mainly positive comments from fans who couldn't believe how amazing her voice is. However, one fan commented: "It sounds like autotune and probably not live. I mean you are a great singer and I love your voice and songs but this doesn't sound live.

Noticing the comment, Ariana quickly clapped back. She wrote: "naw with all due respect, I could do this in your living room for you, fam. with no sound mixing or help at all. i could do it on broadway (and did). i can do it in the shower. in the car. it's my gift / it's why i'm here. i sing 30+ songs a night. every word. it's my thing."

She ended her response by adding: "let me shine like damn."


Ariana has since deleted the original post but her comments still stand. She sings live. Periodt.

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