Ariana Grande roasts Charles Melton's singing voice on the set of 'break up with your girlfriend' video

13 February 2019, 19:36

By Katie Louise Smith

Thanks to the behind-the-scenes video of 'break up with your girlfriend,' it sounds like Charles Melton won't ever get to provide his stunning vocals for Ariana's next track.

Ariana Grande and Charles Melton might not be two names you would have ever expected to hear in the same sentence but here we are. Queen of gratitude Ariana and Riverdale's rising legend Melton joined forces in the music video for 'break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored' and it! was! a! treat!

In the video, Charles plays the boyfriend of an Ariana Grande look-a-like (played by Ariel Yasmine). Throughout the video, we follow Ariana who appears to be flirting with Melton's character even though he has a girlfriend. They share flirtatious glances and touches but at the end, there's a big ol' plot twist and it turns out that she was really just trying to get with his girlfriend the whole time. (AUBREY!?)

But the best part about this whole thing? It's the behind-the-scenes video that just dropped on YouTube. More specifically, the part where Charles gets roasted over his singing voice by Ariana.

Ariana Grande shares behind the scenes footage from 'break up with your girlfriend'
Ariana Grande shares behind the scenes footage from 'break up with your girlfriend'. Picture: Republic

As always, Ariana dropped a full BTS glimpse of director Hannah Lux Davis working her magic on the video a few days after the video, complete with Charles and Ariel doing their thing in the most luxurious house we've ever seen.

In the video, Charles is clearly having the time of his life on set. In between shots, he pretends to lick Ariana's iconic ponytail (?!) and then he *sniffs* her ponytail (weird but ok!) and THEN, decides to showcase his vocal abilities to one of the most vocally talented artists in the game. Bold!

"Do I have potential?" he asks after a lil' run of notes, to which Ariana replies... "" Savaaaaage.

Ariana Grande - break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored (behind the scenes)

Charles is no stranger to singing on screen though. In the trailer for his new film, The Sun Is Also A Star, you can hear Melton giving us a rendition of 'Crimson and Clover' and to be honest, he doesn't sound that bad. 10/10, would let him sing me to sleep. Ariana, plz reconsider your final verdict! Let him do back up!

Watch the trailer for The Sun Is Also A Star below: