Ariana Grande's Grammys 'Cinderella' dress was one subtle tribute to Mac Miller

12 February 2019, 12:38

By Katie Louise Smith

Ariana didn't attend the Grammy's but she still wore her custom Zac Posen 'Cinderella' gown as a tribute to Mac Miller.

It wasn't just Ariana Grande's furious tweets about Mac Miller's snub at the Grammy awards that let fans know he wasn't far from her mind on Sunday night, her dress that she never actually wore to the ceremony was also one heartwarming tribute to the late rapper too.

Despite winning the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album for Sweetener, Ariana didn't actually attend the ceremony following a disagreement over her live performance. Ari called out the producers of the show for "lying" about the reason she had declined to perform during the telecast and ended up pulling out of attendance completely.

Ariana Grande fans spot Mac Miller tribute in the 'Breathin' video

Since Ariana decided to ditch the show at the last minute, she still had a stunning custom made Zac Posen dress that couldn't go to waste. Following her win, Ariana put on the blue Cinderella gown and posed for a photoshoot that she later uploaded to Instagram and now fans are convinced that the look was a subtle reference to her and Mac Miller's relationship.

Ariana Grande's Grammys dress was a tribute to Mac Miller
Ariana Grande's Grammys dress was a tribute to Mac Miller. Picture: Alfredo Flores via @arianagrande, Instagram

The second Ariana uploaded the images, fans started making the same connection that Ariana was channelling Cinderella. Of course, Cinderella is the name of the song that Mac wrote about her on his 2016 album The Divine Feminine. Ariana confirmed the meaning behind the song in a statement following their break up in 2018.

Ariana hasn't said anything about the references directly but she has liked a bunch of tweets that refer to connection between her dress and the song. She also posed with Myron, Mac's dog, on the dress too.

Fans have been getting emotional about the tribute on social media, with one user writing: "theres no difference @ArianaGrande you really are cinderella, he was right."

He. was. right. 😭

The caption on the last tweet? "Ooh Cinderella, don't you run out of time" is a lyric from Mac's song. Yeah, I'm crying too.