Lush Are Creating A Bath Bomb Inspired By Ariana Grande's Body Paint In 'God Is A Woman'

18 July 2018, 14:30

Ariana Grande God Is A Woman Bath Bomb
Picture: Republic/@lush_jack via Instagram

By Katie Louise Smith

God is a Lush bath bomb.

Ariana Grande's STUNNING video for 'God Is A Woman', her second single from her fourth studio album, 'Sweetner', dropped on Friday (July 13) complete with visuals, vocals, looks and one spoken word interlude from God herself, Madonna. The video was jam packed full of hidden messages and has already sparked a ton of memes and now, it might have just influenced LUSH's next bath bomb.

In the video, Ariana can be seen bathing naked in big ol' pool of purple paint. It's majestic AF. Look at it. Wow. God really IS a woman.



Immediately, fans took to Twitter to express how much they wanted a bath bomb that looked like the water from the 'GIAW' video. Some even sent DMs to Lush to make sure they heard how in demand the product was amongst the fandom.


Lush have responded to many tweets regarding the demand for the new product but while they've said that nothing will be released "right now", they seem pretty much up for trying to create a new bath bomb inspired by the video.

And now it looks as though they are ACTUALLY about to come through on the promise.


Lush product inventor Jack Constantine posted a snap of a brand new bath bomb he'd been working on, inspired by Ariana's music video. The physical bath bomb itself looks exactly like the water in the video but he noted in his Instagram story that the end product wasn't quite right. He promised the next version of the bath bomb would be shown soon.


What does Ariana think about all this? SHE LOVES IT. MAKE IT HAPPEN, LUSH. FAST.