LISTEN: 7 Amazing New Songs Dropped Today That You Need To Hear

6 May 2016, 11:09 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Ariana Grande Charli XCX Justin Timberlake
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Super New Music Friday has arrived!

You know the saying, you wait for a bus and then two arrive at the same time? Yeah, well, it's exactly same for bangers except sometimes 7 of them arrive at the same time.

We are truly living in the summer of good music. What a time to be alive.


Because we're lazy, and we know you are too, we've put all today's hot new tracks in one place so you don't have to hunt for them yourselves. We know clicking can be hard work, bbz! Anyway, let's get on with it:


Ariana Grande - "Into You"

This is a straight-up pop banger. Dangerous Woman is shaping up to be one of 2016's best pop albums. It's hitting your fave record shop/online store May 20.

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Dua Lipa - "Hotter Than Hell"

It's a well known fact we're massive Dua Lipa stans here at PB. "Hotter Than Hell" is one of her best.


Alicia Keys - "In Common"

Were we expecting Alicia Keys to release a lo-key sexy RnB ditty in 2016? Nope. Are we glad she did? Yes. (You can listen to this track on the PopBuzz stream over here).


Danny L Harle - "Ashes of Love" (featuring Caroline Polachek)

PC Music's Danny L Harle has teamed up with Chairlift's Caroline Polachek for a pop banger which veers dangerously close to trance territory. We kinda like that though. Is that wrong?


Fifth Harmony - "Write On Me"

We've been too busy slutdropping to "Work From Home" for the last two months to remember Fifth Harmony can *do* ballads. "Write On Me" is hardly a Celine Dion power ballad though, so you can still get down to it...if you know what we mean.


Charli XCX - "Explode"

Ok, technically this was released onto YouTube yesterday for the Angry Birds soundtrack but whatever. "Explode" actually wouldn't have looked out of place on Sucker so it's a must listen for any Charli stans out there.


Justin Timberlake - "Can't Stop The Feeling"

Do you remember feeling happy? No, us neither. But Justin Timberlake does and he's made a song about it. It's no "Mirrors" (but it is for a film soundtrack tbh) but this might just warm you up for the good sh*t later in the year.