Ariana Grande's adorable new tattoo has a "breathtakingly beautiful" meaning

2 January 2019, 11:55

Ariana Grande selfie/new tattoo
The meaning being Ariana Grande's new tattoo is everything. Picture: Instagram/@ArianaGrande
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"I have no words to describe how much I am in love with her tattoos man."

Ariana Grande just kicked off 2019 with a new tattoo and it is ridiculously cute. After declaring she would be staying single this year, the "thank u, next" singer shared a photo of her new addition to Instagram and people are living for it. Why collect boyfriends when you can collect ink, right?

Now, we all know Ari loves some ink. She's thought to have had 30 tattoos already after getting her first, a heart on her toe, aged 18. From a 'Myron' tattoo in tribute to ex-boyfriend Mac Miller to 'H2GKMO' ink on her wrist, Ariana is a regular at the tattoo parlour. And if she's not getting new ink, she's getting them covered up. She covered three tattoos in reference to her ex-fiancé Pete Davidson.

Positioned on her arm, Ariana's latest tattoo says "let's sing" in Japanese and is by artist Mira Mariah. Mira Mariah is actually responsible for several of Ariana's tattoos, including the sizeable moon design Ari got in December on her hand. She's also inked the bee Ari has in honour of victims of the Manchester bombing, as well as her Spirited Away tattoo.

Fans were losing it over her latest addition – what does it mean? Why Japanese? Why "let's sing"? We don't know exactly but it just works.

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