Ariana Grande Fans Are Turning 'Sweetener' Lyrics Into Hilarious Animal Memes And OMFG

30 August 2018, 12:57 | Updated: 30 August 2018, 13:46

By Sam Prance

These are amazing...

Ariana Grande is thriving. The 25-year-old put out her fourth studio album Sweetener earlier this month and since then it has already become her most-critically acclaimed record to date. Not only does it see the 'Love Me Harder' hitmaker change up her sound ('Get Well Soon' and 'R.E.M' are some of Ariana's most experimental songs to date) but it's also fun af and filled to the brim with Ariana's loveable personality.

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That's not all though. Sweetener is also a major commercial success. Between breaking the first week streaming record for a pop album by a female artist worldwide to debuting at Number 1 in the US and UK, Sweetener is already on track to become Ariana's best selling album yet. The LP is so popular that its lyrics have now inspired a hilarious meme that's taking over the internet.

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande. Picture: Republic // Twitter

The meme is simple. Sweetener features a variety of amazing lyrics that are somehow both relatable and poetic at the same time. Ariana truly did that. With that in mid, fans have been picking out lines from tracks on the album and applying them to adorable and hysterical images of animals. The fact that Ariana's brand is all things cute and lovely makes the meme even greater.

Confused? We've gathered some of the best of them here for you to enjoy.

This 'girl what’s wrong with you come back down' lyric from 'Get Well Soon' is arguably the most memeable.



It essentially works with any animal stuck in a weird place.



Goats suit the meme perfectly too.


That is a goat, right?

We're not even sure what's going on here.


The hat makes it.

This one is too cute for words.


It's so fluffy I'm gonna die.

We need someone to explain how this even happened.


That pony seems so non-plussed.

Actually 'Get Well Soon' has a couple of lyrics that are meme worthy.


We're crying.

'Sweetener' the song has one too.


The contrast between this and what the lyric actually means is sending us.

Okay more than one.


We need this dog in our lives now.

'R.E.M' has a line that does the job.


This is too much.

Not to mention 'God Is a Woman'.


We stan this kitten.

'Blazed' takes things into weirder territory.


We have questions.

And last but not least 'Better Off' has inspired arguably the funniest meme of all.

We need to log off.