Ariana Grande Has Apologised For Her “Trash” Merch After Fans Call Her Out On Twitter

1 August 2018, 16:27

Ariana Grande Merch
Picture: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

By Katie Louise Smith

"Ariana’s my girl but her team really gotta re-evaluate their merch AND prices."

Ariana Grande has had QUITE the Sweetener album campaign so far, hasn't she? From the release of 'No Tears Left To Cry' right up to her visually stunning video for 'God Is A Woman', Ari has been killing it - and the album isn't even here yet.

But while fans have quick to praise everything Ari has done so far, it seems like people are now calling her out because of how bad her new merch is.

Ariana is charging around £55 for sweaters and £30 for t-shirts, which is not unheard of for merch pricing break downs. In fact, it's pretty standard. But it's the quality of the products that has really got the fans losing it on social media. More specifically, the saturation of the image printed on the shirt...


Ariana responded to the backlash against the "bad merch" by replying to a tweet from a fan who said one particular piece from the collection looked like something you buy "outside of concerts."

This particular shirt, which is literally just an image printed onto a plain t-shirt, is being sold on her website for £30.


Ariana responded with an apology and a promise that she will give personal approval to any future merch: "yea this looks wild and i can’t believe they sent it out. i’m on it. so fuckin sorry. the other merch looks perfect in person. i don’t wear t shirts so i didn’t have them send me this one first i’m so so sorry. i’ll approve everything in person from now on. this is trash. my bad."

In other news, the tie-dye 'God Is A Woman' sweater remains gorgeous. I'll take 7 of them. Please and thank you x