Ariana Grande fans are screaming over the NSFW merch on her Sweetener tour

25 March 2019, 17:45 | Updated: 26 March 2019, 10:17

By Sam Prance

Ariana Grande's Sweetener tour merch is going viral because of a "dick stain"...

Ariana Grande fans are roasting her for selling Sweetener tour merch with a "dick stain" on it.

Ariana recently kicked off her highly anticipated Sweetener tour and fans are living for it. From the 31 song long setlist ('Love Me Harder', 'Dangerous Woman', 'bad idea') to the touching Mac Miller tribute (Ariana is playing his music inside her venues before she gets on stage), the show has so far received widespread critical acclaim. Nevertheless, the show's merchandise is coming under fire 1) for being disappointing and 2) for a stain that looks like a penis.

Check out the controversial Ariana Grande merch below.

Ariana Grande Sweetener tour merch - The "dick stain" sweatshirt
Ariana Grande Sweetener tour merch - The "dick stain" sweatshirt. Picture: Kevin Mazur/Contributor via Getty Images, @spacednasa via Twitter

A lot of fans were initially upset with the quality of Ariana's new merch but now fans are taking issue with a specific item. The Sweetener Tour's merch stand includes a sweatshirt with a... questionable stain on it. Last week (Mar 18), an Ariana concert goer tweeted "THIS IS WHAT I GOT" alongside images of a white Sweetener Tour sweatshirt, with thank u, next song titles on it and... some bizarre blue stains that are ever so slightly phallic.

Yes. In what looks like a case of a dye-job gone a little bit wrong, Ariana is lowkey selling penis merch? Unintentionally, we're sure but fans quickly took to Twitter to joke about it. One person wrote: "ariana really put a dick stain on her merch and said here u go, that’ll b $100." Another asked: "why does ariana’s merch have dick on it" and one also said: "also pls tell me this is fake it looks like a kindergartener water color painted it".

Here is the initial tweet and just a few of the reactions.

As we've already said, we're pretty sure that it's just a manufacturing error. Only one fan seems to have bought merchandise with the "dick stain" on it and, while not necessarily the most visually pleasing mistake, it is pretty iconic. Still it's pretty easy to see why fans at large are upset with the merch at large. Ariana is known for her fashion and usually her merch is on point.

What do you think of the merch?