25 hilarious 'thank u, next' memes that prove it's Ariana Grande's best album yet

8 February 2019, 17:56

By Sam Prance

Ariana Grande snapped on her thank u, next album and the memes are iconic...

Ariana Grande never fails us. Over the course of the past six years, the 25-year-old pop star has consistently outdone herself as an artist and released some of the best music in recent memory. 'The Way' was a flawless debut, 'Problem' was a game-changing banger, 'Dangerous Woman' was a vocal masterpiece, 'no tears left to cry' was a triumphant moment and 'thank u, next' rewrote the rules of pop.

Ariana Grande fans are living for the twist in the 'break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored' video

Today (Feb 6), Ariana dropped her fifth studio album thank u, next and it is remarkable. Not only does it feature some of Ari's biggest bops to date ('bloodline', 'break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored') but it also contains some of her most honest and raw music yet ('ghostin', 'fake smile'). The album has already topped iTunes charts all around the world and is so loved that it's inspired many memes.

Check out the funniest 'thank u, next' memes below.

Ariana Grande 'thank u, next' memes are breaking the internet
Ariana Grande 'thank u, next' memes are breaking the internet. Picture: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Billboard // Twitter

From emotional reactions to the album's standout tracks (there isn't a weak link) to hilarious lyrical analyses (Ariana the poet jumped out), the Number 1 album is made for viral content and the memes are just as iconic as the record itself. With that in mind we have scoured the internet far and wide and gathered together just a few of the funniest thank u, next memes all in one place.

1. A moment of appreciation for the range of the album.

Horny and sad bops all in one place. The generosity.

2. The albums has two distinct themes.

Into both.

3. A couple of fans are confused.


4. The Sweetener comparisons have already begun.


5. This one is killing us.

That little chick.

6. Fran Drescher appreciation post.

Cast her in an Ariana video now.

7. See also: Olivia Newton-John.

Give us the Grease remake starring Ariana Grande we deserve you cowards.

8. The consensus is that thank u, next is an evolution.

Although we do not tolerate any Sweetener shade in this house.

9. Now let's get into those new tracks.


10. We need this 'NASA' video to happen.

It is of vital importance.

11. Can we talk about 'bloodline'?

Those horns.

12. 'fake smile' broke me.

Can I get a sad amen?

13. 'bad idea' is actually a cover.

Mary Kate and Ariana Grande.

14. Did everyone catch the Fenty reference?

Legends supporting legends.

15. 'ghostin' didn't have to tear our hearts out like that.


16. 'in my head' is already a classic.

Doug's voicenote at the start!

17. 'break up with you girlfriend, i'm bored' snapped.

The intelligence that that has.

18. The variety on this album is a blessing.

We are not worthy.

19. The transitions too.

A gif has never been used more accurately.

20. 'thank u, next', 'imagine' and '7 rings' all still slap.

Points were made.

21. We're just very emotional right now.

Ariana did THAT.

22. A new supreme has been crowned.

The talent showcased on these three records. Incredible.

23. There are literally no skips.

I don't know a better Ariana Grande album.

24. We will be using thank u, next as medicine.

The self-care record we deserve.

In conclusion...

...her mind.