Who is Zandhr? A mysterious account is uploading "unreleased" Ariana Grande music

6 November 2018, 13:38

Ariana Grande nobody does it better
Picture: Ariana Grande/Instagram/Zandhr/Spotify/Screenshot
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Ariana Grande fans have been pointing out that many of these songs have been available online for a long time.

Ariana Grande fans have been left wondering about the identity of an account responsible for the release of songs purported to feature the 'thank u, next' singer.

It all started when a Spotify account called Zandhr uploaded an 'album' of songs (called 'Nobody Does It Better') with a very familiar and distinct vocalist.

The same set of songs were also apparently uploaded to iTunes and fans have expressed certainty that they are Ariana Grande's vocals.

The batch of demos, uploaded by the mysterious user, included songs with titles like "Fiesta", "Ridiculous", and "Cadillac". These songs appear to have disappeared or are in the process of being removed from both platforms as of Nov 6.

Fans quickly took to social media to share news about the existence of the 'album' and speculate on where it had come from. Many referred to the collection of songs as an "unreleased album," though that does not seem entirely accurate.

Though many were surprised by its existence, some die hard Ari fans pointed out that some of the songs are apparently demos that have been floating around online for a while or ones that have already been released. A few fans even noted that some of the songs can be found on three and four year old YouTube videos.

Some folks pointed to Zandhr's bio on Spotify which included upside writing, a reference to Ariana's Sweetener era. While others waded into a theory that Ariana had uploaded the songs herself, though there is no evidence of this.

Zandhr Spotify screenshot
Picture: Spotify/Zhandr

Who is Zandhr?

For now, no one is sure who Zandhr really is. Their sources remain a secret, their motive remains unclear, and their identity remains a case for the FBI.

As much as Ariana loves dropping a hint or a lyric, no one can seem to piece together the significance of the mysterious moniker.

For the moment, Ariana has not commented on Zandhr or the mysterious set of songs. She has however been liking and sharing reactions to her new song 'thank u, next'.


Stream 'thank u, next' and bask in the glorious memes.

What do you guys think? Are you Zandhr? Do you have any spicy conspiracy theories about the identity of Zandhr?