Beyoncé and Jay Z's Surprise Album Drop Has Spawned The Wildest Memes

18 June 2018, 12:11

Beyoncé and Jay Z Everything Is Love
Beyoncé and Jay Z Everything Is Love. Picture: Roc Nation / Parkwood
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"Crazy in Louvre"

Over the weekend Beyoncé and Jay Z decided to fuck with all our weekend plans and surprise drop their new joint album, Everything Is Love. Honestly, we love them both so much but why are they like this?

The release created a level of hysteria on the internet only comparable with, erm, Bey's last album Lemonade, which also received the surprise drop treatment two years ago.

As with any release with Beyoncé's name on it, there was A LOT for fans to discuss and the memes did most of the talking.

We're just sat here minding our business on a so-far uneventful Saturday and then BAM!

Health experts believe that Beyoncé surprise drops are the primary cause of the rise in stress-related illnesses in the 21st century.

Time to create ANOTHER new email address for that Tidal exclusive.

Turns out Jay Z isn't the only partner getting a public flogging for getting caught cheating.

Expect to see more publicly shamed boyfriends on your high street in 2018.

Many people pointed out that Mr & Mrs Carter just shat all over Christina Aguleira's album campaign.

Buy Liberation on iTunes.

Nicki isn't off the hook either.


Remember that time Bey & Jay visited the Louvre? Wig!

Lorde is shaking.

Rumi and Sir, one-year-old twins, are already richer than you will ever be. Let that sink in for a minute.


Spotify got dragged to high heaven and people were LIVING for it.


Everything Is Love is now on Spotify and Apple Music, as is Lemonade...


The visuals for 'Ape Shit' were lit and also highly relatable.

The struggle is real.

We'll end this on some tea from Dua Lipa.