Beyoncé Might Have Just Exposed Her Secret Twitter Account Thanks To THIS One Tweet

18 June 2018, 16:53 | Updated: 18 June 2018, 17:08

Beyoncé. Picture: YouTube // VH1

By Sam Prance

This ACTUALLY seems legit...

Beyoncé is back. Not that she ever went away. The iconic popstar and her husband JAY-Z surprise released their brand new joint album EVERYTHING IS LOVE on Saturday and the response has been wild. Not only does the project see Beyoncé rap harder than almost anyone in the industry right now but it's also one of her most sonically experimental releases to date.

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Beyoncé and JAY-Z unveiled the album together under the artist name: The Carters. The critically acclaimed record sees them celebrate their happiness and success in the wake of the marital strife that they addressed on Lemonade and 4:44. The project is available on all platforms and it is already Number 1 on iTunes in the US and UK.


One other MAJOR thing has caught fans off guard though. Amongst all of the album hype, it seems like Beyoncé has accidentally let slip that the rumours that she has a secret Twitter account are true.

We present you with the evidence.

Yesterday eagle-eyed members of The Beyhive noticed that the living legend liked a tweet. This sounds pretty normal but Beyoncé has never liked anything on Twitter before. To make things even more interesting she unliked the tweet minutes afterwards. And it wasn't just any tweet. It was a meme poking fun at Nas coming to terms with EVERYTHING IS LOVE stealing the hype from his new album NASIR.

This has lead fans to believe that it's confirmation that Beyoncé has a secret Twitter account which she uses to lurk at fan memes when she releases new content. In the words of @RESPECTMYCHECK she just "forgot to switch to her secret stan account" yesterday.

Considering that Beyoncé is so private, this would make sense. Having a secret Twitter account would allow her to engage with her fans without actually sacrificing the air of mystery and gravitas that she has established throughout her career.

And she's not alone. Adele and Sasha Obama reportedly both have non public Twitter accounts and Beyoncé even has her own private Snapchat account. The possibility of Beyoncé having an extra Twitter account too is not of the question.

As for what it may be called, we currently have no idea. However, we will be keeping our eyes peeled. Judging by the tweet Beyoncé liked on her main account, it sounds like it could be as amazing as the star herself.