We Now Know What Jay Z Looks For In A Woman Thanks To This 1998 Interview (It’s Basically Beyonce)

5 November 2014, 11:37 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Jay Z 1998

By Jason Gregory

Vintage Hova.

An interview with Jay Z, filmed all the way back in 1998, has emerged online and it reveals exactly what Hova looks for in a woman.

Captioned 'I've Never Been In Love', the video sheds a new light on the rapper, who at this point had only released one album.

After showing some next-level charm with the journalist, Jay goes on to say that he's yet to feel that "forever" feeling with a woman.

And when he's asked about what he searches for in the opposite sex, things get pretty deep, with the rapper saying he values someone's wit and doesn't like "silly" girls.


Jay, we think we've found your match.

(via @Seinfeld2000)


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