Billie Eilish calls out “irresponsible” people hoarding food due to coronavirus

17 March 2020, 11:32 | Updated: 17 March 2020, 12:11

By Sam Prance

"There's like no toilet paper in stores. There's like barely any food, barely any vegetables. It's not the apocalypse you guys."

Billie Eilish has taken to Instagram Stories to slam those who are hoarding food and supplies amid the coronavirus outbreak.

In a lengthy video posted last night (Mar 17), Billie stated: "I wanted to make a video talking about this coronavirus because this shit is fucking crazy and I know a lot of people don't know what the fuck is going on. I know because a lot of us haven't seen it with our eyes, what it's been doing and who it's been affecting, it's hard to understand that it's real but it really is real."

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Billie then went on to call out young people who aren't taking coronavirus seriously at all and other people who are emptying out their local supermarkets from necessities like toilet roll and hand sanitiser out of fear over what might happen.

Billie Eilish calls out “irresponsible” people hoarding food due to coronavirus
Billie Eilish calls out “irresponsible” people hoarding food due to coronavirus. Picture: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images, @billieeilish via Instagram

Billie added: "I've seen lots of young people out in the world all over the place going to the club or going to the beach or just going out and hanging out and it's really irresponsible. I think the best way I can explain this is letting you guys know how I first perceived everything when it first started. I was just, 'Oh I don't give a fuck, I'm young, I don't care if I get it.'"

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She continued: "I did not realise that it's not about me. So everyone that's thinking, 'I don't care if I get it,' it's not about you, it's about, if you do get it, you can transfer that to somebody else who's much weaker and that's completely irresponsible and the fact that you can go out into the world and be like, 'Oh I don't give a fuck,' it's not about that dude."

Billie then said: "Don't panic, there's enough supplies for people. Stop hoarding things because when you hoard things and you buy out stores, you're making it harder for people that actually need that. There's people that really need those supplies currently and they can't get them because you took them because you thought you might need them."

She went on: "There's like no toilet paper in stores, no hand sanitiser. There's like barely any food, barely any vegetables. It's like weird. It's not the apocalypse you guys. Also stay inside. I understand the panic, I'm just trying to say relax but take it seriously. It's a really big deal and people are losing their lives."

Billie ended the video stating: "Don't touch people, don't hi-five, hug. We gotta take precautions."

To find out more about coronavirus and how to prevent it spreading, visit the NHS page on it: HERE.