Finneas denies accusations that Billie Eilish is successful because of nepotism

25 February 2020, 13:13 | Updated: 25 February 2020, 13:21

By Sam Prance

"Our parents were never able to fully financially support us off of their work as actors."

Finneas has responded to claims that he and his sister Billie Eilish achieved their success thanks to nepotism.

On Sunday (Feb 23), Finneas received backlash over a tweet. He tweeted: "A piece of advice to young creatives. “Shooting your shot” is promoted widely and I think honestly, it’s a little overrated. Work super hard alone or with your closest friends. Make shit so good it speaks for itself. Don’t pester people to work with you, let them come to you".

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People immediately started calling out Finneas. Some said that they don't have the privilege not to "pester people" to work with them. Fans also pointed out that, while it may have worked for Finneas and Billie, it's not so easy for everyone. Others said that it's easy for Finneas to say that when his parents (Maggie Baird and Patrick O'Connell) are actors and he's a white man.

Now Finneas has addressed the accusations that he and Billie benefit from nepotism.

Yesterday (Feb 24), Finneas tweeted: "During my life time, our parents were never able to fully financially support us off of their work as actors. Our dad worked 12 hour days 7 days a week as a construction worker for Mattel and our mom was a teacher. Our parents gave us love but knew no one in the record industry".

He then added: "I paid off their mortgage last year and billie pays them each salaries to tour with us full time though they have told us many times they would work for us for free. Anyone who saw us tour in 2019 knows our dad insists on sweeping the stage each night before we perform".

While it's understandable that Finneas wanted to make clear that he and Billie weren't born with industry connections, it's also understandable that people took issue with his initial tweet. Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with an equally talented sibling. They have to "shoot their shot".

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