Billie Eilish fans are divided over Justin Bieber's 'bad guy' remix lyrics

12 July 2019, 15:41 | Updated: 12 July 2019, 15:43

By Sam Prance

The reception to Justin Bieber's 'bad guy' remix lyrics is mixed.

Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber have teamed up on a 'bad guy' remix but response to the song and its lyrics has been split.

Fans of Billie will already know that she's a huge Justin Bieber stan. Not only does Billie regularly cite Justin Bieber as one of her biggest idols in interviews but when Billie met Justin at Coachella this year, she literally broke down because she was so overcome with emotion. A relatable queen. With that in mind, people have been dying for the two stars to collaborate.

However, now that Billie and Justin have released a 'bad guy' remix together, fans aren't sure what to make of it.

Read Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber's full 'bad guy' remix lyrics below.

Billie Eilish - bad guy (with Justin Bieber) [Audio]

For some background, 'bad guy' is already one of the biggest songs of the entire year so far. The original single has currently been streamed over 593 million times on Spotify and is Number 2 on the US charts. It's a bop and the lyrics see Billie poke fun at her public persona and taunt a guy who thinks he's tougher than her. Given how talented Justin is, people thought that he would be well suited to the remix.

Nevertheless, many fans are disappointed with it. People are saying that Justin's lyrics feel out of place with Billie's and that it sounds like it hasn't been edited properly. That being said, there are others who think that Justin is amazing on the remix. Lyrics like: "Yeah, I'm a bad guy // Ain't no holdin' back guy // Come off like I'm mad guy // Always got your back guy" fit Justin's bad boy persona perfectly.

Here are just a few of the reactions to the single so far.

What do you think of the remix?

Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber - 'bad guy' remix lyrics

INTRO: Billie Eilish & Justin Biebr
Hmm, da-da-da-da-da
Da-da-da, hmm
Da-da-da-hmm (Yeah, yeah)
Oh, ah

VERSE 1: Billie Eilish
White shirt now red, my bloody nose
Sleepin', you're on your tippy toes
Creepin' around like no one knows
Think you're so criminal
Bruises on both my knees for you
Don't say thank you or please
I do what I want when I'm wanting to
My soul so cynical

CHORUS: Billie Eilish
So you're a tough guy
Like it really rough guy
Just can't get enough guy
Chest always so puffed guy
I'm that bad type
Make your mama sad type
Make your girlfriend mad tight
Might seduce your dad type
I'm the bad guy

POST-CHORUS: Billie Eilish
I'm the bad guy

VERSE 2: Justin Bieber
Gold teeth, my neck, my wrist is froze (So icy)
I got more ice than, than the snow
That guy, don't act like you don't know
That guy, so critical (Skrrt)
Tattoos on both my sleeves
Yeah, I don't sleep, please don't wake me
Loosen my tie up so I can breathe
It ain't political, oh no (Uh-uh)

CHORUS: Justin Bieber & Billie Eilish
Yeah, I'm a bad guy
Ain't no holdin' back guy
Come off like I'm mad guy
Always got your back guy
Yeah, I'm the real type
Keep you for the thrills type
Show you what it feels like
Got an open invite
I'm the bad guy, woah-ooh

POST-CHORUS: Billie Eilish
I'm the bad guy
I'm only good at bein' bad, bad

BRIDGE: Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber
I like when you get mad
I guess I'm pretty glad that you're alone (So icy)
You said she's scared of me?
I mean, I don't see what she sees
But maybe it's 'cause I'm wearing your cologne (Let's go)

OUTRO: Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber
I'm a bad guy (Damn right)
I-I'm a bad guy (Bad guy, aw, yeah, bad guy)
I'm a bad...